Tapes for Turkana

In this age of technology, internet and i-pods, DVDs and mp3s do we still have room in our lives for the mere video and audio tape? If they are now cluttering up your corners and filling your filing cabinets here is your solution………. Send your tapes to Turkana. Nora Cogan, who spent 2 years working with the teachers of Turkana, in Kenya has come up with a new idea for stocking the audio-visual side of the library she built with the aid of the people of Cork in 2003.
Within this library Nora had designed an audio visual room in which she left her TV, video and stereo. The original idea being that 8 to 10 teachers who use the Education Centre would have a place to go and relax however the Turkana have taken on the centre as their own and have now managed to seat 30 in this room and show various videos of educational value. What Nora is now asking of you is that you search your presses and cupboards for those no longer viewed good quality videos and the tapes you no longer listen to of high standard classic movies or documentaries and plays. These would have less slang and less Kong fu violence than the normal viewing diet of the people of Turkana who get more out of action movies when English is not their first language. These films would be used both for pleasurable viewing and for advanced English students and teachers who must use English as their primary exams are in English. Nora’s Annual Cake and Plant Sale for fundraising for the financial maintenance of the education centre will be held on Saturday July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd in the Parish Centre in Carrigaline after all masses. Videos and audiotapes will be collected the same weekend. For other collection points and information please phone 087-123-6884. Last years cake sale and photo exhibition raised a stunning €3,000 and further sales of photographs increased the total to an amazing €7,000 for which Nora and the Diocese of Lodwar are extremely grateful. With this being the year of our hosting the European Capital of Culture, Cogan is very much aware of the diverse cultures we now share in Cork and it only brings her awareness of the need for us to continue to support other cultures who are not as well off as our own. For further information on Nora’s work in Turkana check out her website on www.tasteofturkana.com