Anna Nanjala Education Centre,
Diocese of Lodwar,

Dear Nora,

Please accept my apologies for not acknowledging your most generous donation before. I was waiting for it to appear on the Education Centre's bank statement, which it duly did on October 18th 2004. The Euro was quite high at the time, so the amount translated as 490,886.80/-. You must have worked really hard to raise such on amount particularly as it came so soon after the support you received for the building of the centre itself.

The Resource Centre, student's Study Hall and Adult Literacy all now come under the collective name of the Anna Nanjala Education Centre, so it's quite a big complex! The first two come directly under me and we receive rent from the Adult Literacy Programme for the use of the building. I have two assistants helping me, both Indonesians from the Brothers of Utrecht. Brother Maxi is full time and Brother Vincent part time. They are both a great help and after so many years as a solo act, it's refreshing to have somebody with which to discuss policy with.

The Study Hall is open for local students every evening from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. and also on Saturday afternoons. Primary students pay 151/- per month, Secondary students pay
25/- per month. The numbers have swollen during the course of the year with the maximum monthly attendance being 108. After finishing their homework, they are encouraged to read the novels that are made available to them from the Resource Centre. These are rotated every month, so nobody can say, 'I have read them all'!

The Study Hall also acts as the venue for the ten inservice courses we put on
4 Secondary
6 Primary

All District Secondary Schools are invited, but at primary level we have specifically targeted the eighteen schools in the immediate environs of Lodwar town. The response has been very favourable to date and the District Education Office very supportive. The Central Inspector and the Kanamkemer TAC Tutor have both attended courses.

Secondary participants pay 200/- attendance fee, but no charge is levied at Primary level. To ensure the centre is partly self-sustaining, no sitting allowances are given and lunch is not provided. Instead, we offer morning light refreshments i.e. tea and jam sandwiches!! These conditions have been well received and accepted.

Naturally our biggest expense is the travel, accommodation and honorariums for the facilitators, especially if there is more then one for a course. Your donation has helped a lot to meet these expenses.

We have increased the library stock by 719 books and have started an adult fiction library. When we have amassed sufficient books, an infrastructure for lending and borrowing will be implemented. Likewise, the rudiments of a video library are now in place, though the total as yet is only thirteen! Our aim is to have a bank of videos of a varied, but educative type, to allow us to put on shows on a regular basis. This would be of particular benefit to the students, both primary and secondary, using the Study Hall, as it would help wean them away from their present unadulterated diet of football and kung fu and lead them to a greater appreciation of plot line and character development. Apart from the lack of videos, which again your donation will help remedy, logistically, we are hampered by numbers versus room. The audiovisual room in the Resource Centre can only house about 30 comfortably and the Study Hall has no black out facilities, plus the fact it would mean wheeling the TV and video back and forth.

At the front of the centre, we have added a double steel door with enclosed bolts to increase the security and the stained glass door at the rear has been welded up for the same reason. It has been done sensitively, so the effect of the stained glass has not been lost! The kitchen equipment has been extended, and we are now fully equipped to cater for forty five plus participants/visitors. A new cupboard has been built in the audiovisual room to house this equipment. When we have a course, Paulina, my cook, is co-opted to help with the preparation and serving of refreshments.

So far, we have avoided employing any outside staff fulltime. The students help towards the cleaning of the Study Hall and Brother Maxi and myself tackle the Resource Centre for the most part. Chris Wanjala's idea for extra ventilation was resulting in too much dust, so a month ago we raised the pelmets and curtains to cover up the open vents! The white ants managed to surreptitiously chomp their way through the door frame of the women's internal toilet, but that has now been replaced and the area treated to ward off a second attack. The computer, printer, scanner, laminator and photocopier have been place in the middle room on the left and the library room has now become a quiet reading room. A number of adults come there on a daily basis for private study and have commented on the peace and conducive atmosphere it exudes! The remaining two rooms are now acting as meeting rooms and next year will be used for the production of teaching material. The Brothers have planted a lot of bougainvillea and neem trees around the perimeter of the two compounds. The former in particular are growing very well and adding a touch of colour to the area. William, their watchman, is on nightly water duty!

I have asked Brother Maxi to persuade Hans to take some digital pictures of the Resource Centre and Study Hall, so perhaps next time I write, I'll be able to enclose some visual aids.

Well, I think I have said it all! You can rest assured the Anna Nanjala Education Centre is being well looked after and used as you would like it to be. It has found a niche, that will only grow bigger, in the education programme in Turkana District.

Thank you for thinking of us here in the desert and continuing with your support.
Your efforts are much appreciated and have made my job considerably easier.


Julie Newman,
Director A.N.Ed. Centre