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While I was in Turkana I kept a diary of my time there which I emailed home to have put up on the website. I put in it only the good things as I didn't want my mother to be too worried about me. The diary entries stretch from when I arrived in October 2001 until June 2003, two months before I left. The last two months were so busy that they were not recorded.
Since my return to Ireland I have been very busy fundraising on a regular basis to keep the Turkana Teachers' Resource Centre running. I have included entries on the various fund-raising efforts that, together with, family, friends and work colleagues, I have put in to keep the Centre stocked and running.

2001 Diary Entries

2002 Diary Entries

2003 Diary Entries

2004 Fundraising Events

2005 Fundraising Events

2006 Fundraising Events