How are we Funded?

The entire project is funded on a voluntary and ongoing basis. Though the centre itself has been fully paid for, ten to 15 courses are being run annually, and the centre used on a daily basis. Hence expenses have to be covered. Secondary schools pay a nominal fee but others cannot afford to. Expenses build up, such as electricity, maintenance (such as replacing doors eaten by white ants) not to mention increasing the numbers of books available in the library, and this year we plan to set up an audio library.

The following pages explain the various fund-raising initiatives to date used to build, kit out, stock and run the centre.

Sponsored Bricks and Books campaign - the donations received in this initiative raised €45,000 and built the library and supplied it with books.

Images of Africa framed photo and cake sale - this raised €3,500

Tapes for Turkana Audio Visual resources

Carols For Kenya CD - CDs sold helped to raise €14,000

40th Birthday donations. Rather than seek gifts from my friends I chose to ask for donations towards the ongoing costs involved in running the library and raised €1,000.

Various Cork organisations, including Carrigaline Bridge Club, have made occasional donations over the years for which I and the people of Turkana are very grateful.

For more information on how to donate please use the Contact Me page to get in touch.