Education in Turkana

Some General Statistics on Education in Kenya

33% of primary school group age children start school
69.2% drop out before finishing primary school
Around 11% sit the "Standard 8" exam at the end of primary school
4.9% go to secondary school
22% drop out before finishing "Form 4"
4% sit "Form 4" exams

Centres for education in The Turkana District

There are 163 primary schools in Turkana which is bigger than Ireland!
There are only seven secondary schools and one polytechnic.
The first school was opened in Turkana less than 40 years ago.
Turkana District Parish Map
Girl child education is still very low with many girls leaving school to work at home caring for other children or being married at a very young age for a dowry of goats or camels.

What are we doing to improve the situation?

As well as teaching children in schools we train local teachers in how better to educate their pupils. We hold workshops throughout the Diocese of Lodwar on an ongoing basis. Click on the map to see a bigger version in which you can click on the town names to see some some pictures of these workshops.